Sunday, May 3, 2015

Artikel over community unionism

Het European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) heeft een artikel van Jane Holgate (University of Leeds Business School) gepubliceerd over samenwerking tussen vakbonden en lokale gemeenschappen. Holgate:
Over time, unions have become more institutionally than community embedded, with employed professionals operating on behalf of workers rather than organising workers to organise themselves. Further, the attacks on unions, particularly during the growth of neoliberal ideology from the 1980s onward, meant that many unions became inward-looking and more focused on servicing the surviving membership; as a result, trade unions became less visible in the wider community. Community unionism thus provides a way for unions to (re)build activity from the grassroots in the communities in which workers are most active in their daily lives.
Download het artikel hier (via Kurt Vandaele)

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